Signairé® Science of Personal Color™.

Discover your natural beauty and become more confident than you imagined by applying the laws of color science. Many color systems have emerged over the years, but none of them are based solely on the laws of color and how they apply to your personal coloring. 

Yes, there is Science behind color and Marilyn Starr Harris has made it her life's work to unlock this Science and bring these discoveries to people all around the world. For the better part of her life Marilyn helped women and men discover their best colors. Knowing your best colors saves you time, money, and stress. 

Your coloring is unique to you - let us help you discover and embrace it. Color law exists and is ALWAYS at work, whether we are aware of it, or understand it. 

Signairé ® system guarantees beauty for women and dynamic appearance for men.

How do you find your Best Colors?



From First Impressions to Lasting Influence—Meet Marilyn Starr Harris

Marilyn is a successful business owner and entrepreneur in the beauty industry for over 45 years. She has owned and operated a hair and makeup studio, fabric and custom sewing stores, an image consulting company, and currently a cosmetic and skin care company.

She continues to help men and women alike discover their own personal colors as a trusted mentor, guide and friend.


In Marilyn's own words: 

When I look out into the universe, I see order—order caused by intelligence.
Whenever I fly into a new city, and the plane descends, I look out on the landscape.
I see industry...buildings, vehicles, things happening—the result of intelligence—people in action.
I read once that if you put all the parts to an airplane in a hanger and leave them, you would never expect these parts to assemble themselves into a plane.
Yet that's what some people willingly believe happens in the creation of earth and man.
That this world, galaxies, universes were created by happenstance...without intelligent thought.
That concept defies reason.
I believe in God, the highest source of intelligent thought. I believe that the order of the universe is secured by immutable governing laws. That light, truth, intelligence and life are somehow synonymous. That life, light and love are the great motivators.
My work in color was to discover if immutable laws of color exist that would govern our personal beauty.
The answer is yes.